Below, you can glean some projects I dabbled in. Feel free to also check out my GitHub.


mini-chat is a simple chat app built using async Rust, Flutter and WebSockets.



jtd-derive is a tool for producing JSON Typedef schemas from Rust types according to how they’d be serialized by the Serde serialization framework.

JSON Typedef is a schema format like JSON Schema, but far better optimized for codegen. jtd-derive is meant to make it simpler for Rust programmers to generate Typedef schemas without stepping out of the Rust world. Such schemas can easily be integrated into a custom IDL, enabling advanced developer tooling and generic clients.


Long-term work as a core maintainer of the CosmWasm execution engine and framework. This is the thing that enables smart contracts on many Cosmos blockchains.

The GitHub repo can be viewed here.


serbia is an attribute macro that helps work around Serde’s limitation with regards to (de)serializing arrays of length larger than 32.