Recruiters suck

You're probably familiar with the kind of crappy messages men send women on dating websites. As far as I'm aware, a really bad one might go somewhat like this:

Hi Anna,

My name is Brad, and I'm a tall black-haired guy in his twenties.

I noticed that you are looking for a boyfriend and I think I might be your match. I am currently looking for a girlfriend as well and you seem to have the qualities I'm searching for.

Of course, we don't have to try and become lovers; we can just be friends. Whatever kind of relationship you're comfortable with.

If you are interested in pursuing this relationship, please send me a message at:

If you have any trouble with it, I would love to help you.


Brad Bradster

Everyone knows what's wrong with this. It's not personal or personable in the slightest. The sender obviously didn't read the recipient's profile - they more than likely mass-send these messages, which lets us easily identify them as dishonest. And then, imposing some follow-this-link procedure on us instead of engaging in a more human kind of communication is more than a little tactless, isn't it?

Bet they smell sort of funky, too.

It's a fair assumption to think this sort of unpleasant experience only happens to women on dating websites. Or sometimes... other social media portals, too. Yeah. It sucks.

Is that assumption true though? Here's an example of what turns up on my LinkedIn:

Hi Tomasz,

My name is [SNIP], and I work for, which is one of the biggest job portals for Tech people in Europe.

I noticed that you are open to new opportunities and I think that I can help you to find a new job. For example, we have opportunities for DevOps Engineers in Germany, and I think you have the profile that our clients are looking for.

Of course, we have other opportunities with varies positions and tech stacks, that might interest you.

If you are interested in finding a job, you can apply using with your LinkedIn through this link: [SNIP]

If you have any doubt, I would be glad to help you.



Talent Acquisition Specialist at - Get the tech job you deserve

I rest my case.